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Are the devices that can be used with E10A-USB limited?

Latest Updated:07/20/2007


Are the devices that can be used with E10A-USB limited?


Yes. The user must select one device group when installing the E10A-USB emulator software.

Once the device group has been selected (setup), it can no longer be changed. Setup is used to determine which device group information should be written to the E10A-USB hardware.

When the “Setup tool for E10A-USB” is executed with the target device group name during the emulator software installation, as shown below, the device group is determined for the E10A-USB emulator.

[Start Menu] à [Program] à [Renesas High-performance Embedded Workshop] à [Tools] à [Setup tool for E10A-USB Emulator] à [Name of target device group]

If you are only installing the emulator software on you PC, you can setup several device groups.

However, once the Setup tool for the E10A-USB emulator is run and the device group is set, E10A-USB can no longer be used with any other device group.

To use a device group other than the one already setup, you can purchase the [License Tool to Add a Device Group] to add a device group.

The [License Tool to Add a Device Group] is software (CD-ROM) sold specifically for adding a device group to the E10A-USB. You will need one license for each additional device group. And each license can only be used on one E10A-USB unit.

You can switch devices freely within the set device group. However, you cannot use more than one device at a time.

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