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What does "Could not find PC location line" mean?

Last Updated: 11/14/2017


When step execution is performed after starting up the debugger from the Project Manager, the following error is displayed. There is no problem in the source path setting.

"Could not find PC location line information."


An error is output because there is no source for the current program counter PC (= 0000). If describing the source with assembler, the start address must be set to the address 0000H reset vector table (indicated with the * mark below). As a result, the debugger sets the PC initial value, so that the error mentioned in the question is not output. In the case of description in C language, this setting is included in the startup routine, so this problem should not exist.


  @@VECT0  CSEG AT 0H     ; * Set start address to reset vector table
  DW       START          ; *

    :  User program
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78K Family