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When should the first interrupt be inserted to start transmitting?

Latest Updated:03/26/2017


I would like to use transmit interrupts to perform half-duplex communications with the UART.
When should the first interrupt be inserted in order to start transmitting? [V850ES/KF1]


That type of timing interrupt is not used.
Basically, an interrupt occurs in serial communications when a communications session is completed (in this case, at the first STOP bit). [Almost all V850 models]

To use an interrupt to start a transmission, the corresponding interrupt request flag could be set by a program.
When using this method, be sure to confirm that no data is being transmitted before setting the interrupt request flag.

For further description, refer to
"Timing of UART transmission interrupts [V850ES/Kx1, etc.]"
in the FAQ section "Serial Communication."

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