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What is the sequence and the method of SCKA0?

Latest Updated:03/23/2017


I entered the following settings, but SCKA0 is not output:

CSIS0 = 0x40;
CSIT0 = 0x01;
BRGCA0 = 0x00;
ADTP0 = 0x07;
ADTI0 = 0x03;
P5 = 0x07;
PM5 = 0xc8;
PMC5 = 0x38;
PF5 = 0x00;
PFC5 = 0x00;
PU5 = 0x00;


There are problems in the sequence and method of these settings.
The range of settings for outputting the SCKA0 is:
- First, set only bits 7 and 6 in the CSIMA0 register.
- Afterward, set the other bits in the CSIMA0 register.

After setting all of these bits except of the ATSTA0:
- Set the ATSTA0 bit in the CSIT0 register to "1."
Suitable Products
V850 Family