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What do the designations ("A", "H" or nothing) mean?

Latest Updated:01/06/2006


(MCU Comparison)   Part name in the 3850 Group may contain "A", "H" or nothing. What do these designations mean? [2006/01/06]


The 3850 Group contains "standard versions", "Spec. H" and "Spec. A". Part name containing an "A" are Spec. A and those with an "H" are Spec. H. However, some Spec. H products do not have an "H" in their part name.
Please refer to the following documents and website for the differences and notes on differences.

3850 Group (Spec. A QzROM version) Datasheet P6: Differences between 3850 Group (standard), 3850 Group (Spec.H), and 3850 Group (Spec.A) (#104904)

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