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What cautions to observed if I mix lead contain and lead free products?

Latest Updated:11/01/2007


I plan on mounting lead-containing products and lead-free products in mix on the same board. Are there any cautions I should observe?


(1) Soldering using lead-containing paste

Lead-free products tend to offer less soldering strength than lead-containing products.
Depending on the application, required quality level, etc., of the customer, this may or may not be judged to be a problem.

(2) Soldering using lead-free paste

In the case of lead-containing products, peeling of the junction part due to warping of the PWB, etc., may occur.
Possible countermeasures are limiting the rise in temperature of the product during reheating of flow soldering, and the use of jigs to suppress warping of the board, etc.
For details, refer to Lead-free Semiconductor Product Pamphlet.
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