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P45/SOUT2 and P46/SCLK2: affected by serial I/O2 port selection bit

Latest Updated:04/18/2005


(Serial Interface)  How are P45/SOUT2 and P46/SCLK2 pin function affected by the serial I/O2 port selection bit (bit3) in the serial I/O2 control register (SIO2CON) and the direction register? [2005/04/18]


When bit3 = 1, regardless of the direction register settings, the P45/SOUT2 and P46/SCLK2 pins function according to the serial I/O2 synchronous clock selection bit (bit6) as follows. Value obtained by reading port when direction register = 0 shown in ( ).
When bit6 = 0 : SOUT2 output pin ("1"), SCLK2 input pin (pin state)
When bit6 = 1 : SOUT2 output pin ("1" during data transfer, after transfer: pin state), SCLK2 output pin ("1")
When bit3 = 0, P45/SOUT2 pin is I/O port P45, and P46/SCLK2 pin is I/O port P46.


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