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How do I put my H8/Tiny device into boot mode ?

Latest Updated:03/18/2009


How do I put my H8/Tiny device into boot mode ?


To put the device into boot mode you should follow the instructions given in the ROM section of the Hardware manual. The example below shows how to boot the H8/3664F:Set the following pins to the conditions given: TEST0 - Low Level. ; /NM;I0 - Low Level.<BR; Port 8.51 - High Level. Once these conditions have been met apply a reset as per the device specification. The device will then be in Boot Mode. Boot mode can be cleared by a reset. End the reset after driving the reset pin low waiting at least 20 states and then setting the TEST pin and NMI pin. Boot mode is also cleared when a WDT overflow occurs. Do not change the TEST pin and NMI pin input levels in boot mode.
Suitable Products
H8/300H Tiny