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How accurate is the A-D conversion when used as analog input pins?

Latest Updated:03/19/2017


I would like to know how much accurate the A-D conversion is when the analog/digital shared input pins (AD0IN8-AD0IN15, AD1IN4-AD1IN15) are used as analog input pins.


The A-D conversion in this case can be guaranteed to be +/-12 LSB accurate in terms of absolute accuracy (equivalent to an accuracy of +/-3 LSB for 8-bit A-D converters).

Note: The above analog ports are configured to be capable of monitoring the digital port pin level. For this reason, when these pins are used for analog input, current will flow into the pins, causing the VCCE-system power supply current per pin to increase by 1 mA at the most. Please be sure to take this into account when designing the power supply in your system.
Suitable Products
32172, 32173