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Differences of uPD78F9116, uPD78F9116A, and uPD78F9116B?

Latest Updated:04/01/2006


What are the differences among the uPD78F9116, uPD78F9116A, and uPD78F9116B?


There are the following three main differences.

(1) Modification for limitations
The following two limitations are modified.
- Limitation on 10-bit A/D converter (uPD78F9116A and uPD78F9116B)
- Limitation during input from Port 5 (uPD78F9116B)

(2) Improvement in operation speed
The maximum operating clock frequency is raised as follows.

uPD78F9116 : 5MHz
uPD78F9116A : 5MHz

uPD78F9116B : 10MHz
uPD78F9116B(A) : 10MHz
(uPD78F9116B(A1) : 5MHz)

(3) Improvement in flash memory re-programming reliability

uPD78F9116 : Guaranteed for one overwrite only

uPD78F9116A : Guaranteed 20 overwrites
uPD78F9116B : Guaranteed 20 overwrites High-reliability versions (A) and (A1) are provided

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