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Difference of F-ZTAT ( Flash ) Z-TAT ( OTP ) and mask version of H8/3644?

Latest Updated:03/18/2009


Are there any differences between the F-ZTAT ( Flash ) Z-TAT ( OTP ) and mask versions of the H8/3644 ?


There are three major differences between the the Mask, Z-TAT and the F-ZTAT devices. The maximum operating speed of the Mask and OTP versions is 10 MHz ( see R version for 16 MHz ) while the F-ZTAT operates up to 16 MHz. The H8/3644 F-ZTAT does not have Port 9 pin 0 ( P9.0 ) as this is used as the FVpp flash voltage programming pin. P9.0 is a normal I/O pin on the mask and Z-TAT versions of the H8/3644. Finally the current consumption of the F-ZTAT differs from that of the mask and Z-TAT versions. In sub-active mode the F-ZTAT takes significantly more current than the Z-TAT or mask versions ( see H8/3644 users manual DC charactoristics ) and also during flash programming  the power consumption of the H8/3644 F-ZTAT increases considerably ( see the H8/3644 Users Manual Flash Programming characteristics ).
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