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Can TPU function itself when using 12 channels in external mode?

Latest Updated:12/25/2008


Pin arrangement section of the Hardware manual describes that "Note: In extended mode, only ports D and E can be used. (Pin functions[Port D, Port E, Port J and Port K] are selectable by setting the PCJKE bit in PFCRD)" while TPU terminal is assigned to port J and port K. Can TPU function itself use 12 channels in external extended mode?


Yes, it can. However, it does not allow TPU output, but it's avalable as a counter.
Suitable Products
H8SX/1668R, H8SX/1668M
H8SX/1658R, H8SX/1658M
H8SX/1648G, H8SX/1648H
H8SX/1648A, H8SX/1648L
H8SX/1638, H8SX/1638L