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Can I use product that exceed rated electrical specification range?

Latest Updated:04/01/2008


I need to use a product at values that slightly exceed the rated electrical specification range (AC, DC characteristics). Will this have an adverse effect on my product?


The product is only guaranteed to operate within the rated electrical specification range, so you must judge for yourself whether to exceed this range, even slightly.
If you wish to use the product exceeding this range, you must evaluate and determine whether to use the product on your own responsibility.

There may be cases in which the specifications can be extended, but the feasibility of this depends on the parameters of each product.
For extended specification products, the screening criteria are tightened to enable selection of devices with ideal characteristics from standard products.
These screening specifications are called special specifications, and products with these specifications require a dedicated customized test pattern and a dedicated screening line.
So the cost of the product is correspondingly higher.

If cost is not an issue, it is first necessary to verify whether the product can support special specifications, so please contact one of our sales offices or distributors.

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