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Are there limitations in user programming mode and can I use RAM freely?

Latest Updated:03/25/2009


Question about work area for flash programming (H'F780 to H'FB7F)
1-1. According to ROM chapter in hardware manual, there is a work area (H'F780 to H'FB7F) in the RAM when executing flash memory programming. Should I load my programming /erasing kernel in that area when executing in user programming mode?
1-2. Also do I need to reserve following three data area; writing data area (128byte), reprogram data area (128byte), and additional-program area (128byte) into work area?
1-3. Can I use this "work area" as normal RAM when I use the Tiny in user mode? In other word, can I use full RAM (2kB) freely as my application data area when executing in user mode?


1-1, 1-2.

No. The "work area", this description is written for the boot mode. There are no limitations in user programming mode. You can freely use full RAM area in your "user programming mode".

1-3. Yes, you can.

Suitable Products
H8/300L Super Low Power
H8/38024R, 38024, 38024S, 38124
H8 Super Low Power