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Latest Updated:02/01/2007




Products in tape packing containers in reel shipments bear markings such as -E1, -E2, -T1, and -T2, where the numeral (1, 2) indicates the direction in which the product is fixed to the tape.
For details, refer to the description of the Shipping Form.
In the case of -E1 and -E2 (or -T1B, -T2B in the case of 3-pin minimold (SC-59)), embossed taping is used, with each product placed in a depression in the resin tape and covered with resin film to hold it in place.
In the case of -T1 and -T2, adhesive taping was originally used, with each product fixed to an adhesive area on the paper tape, without devices being encapsulated in tape.
However, initially, -T1 and -T2 were also sometimes used for embossed taping.
Now, adhesive tape packing containers are no longer manufactured.
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