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Ethernet Communication Seems to Hang up in Products Equipped with R-IN Engine

Last Updated:02/21/2018


In the case of some products equipped with the R-IN engine, the circuit seems to hang up and no transmission complete interrupt is generated.


The Ethernet MAC may hang when transmitting data that does not conform to IEEE 802.3 and RFC that defines each protocol, or when transmitting without following the usage described in the user's manual. The following are conditions that cause hang up.
Please check whether your conditions are violating any standards or specifications.
- Conditions
  1) The data length value in the length field of the IPv4/IPv6 header is different from the actually transmitted data length
  2) The data length value in the TX Frame Control Information is different from the actually transmitted data length
  3) Transmission data ends in the middle of the IPv4/IPv6 header, TCP header, or UDP header
  4) The parameters given to TX MACDMA are incorrect and cause a buffer memory access violation
  In the case of 
  1) to 3) :
      In these cases, a transmission complete interrupt is not generated.
  4) :
      In this case, TX MACDMA generates an error interrupt.
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