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Can Duty with fixed PWM carrier cycle be change in MTU if PWM mode is used?

Latest Updated:03/26/2009


In MTU (multi function timer pulse unit), is it possible to change only Duty with the fixed PWM carrier cycle when complementary PWM mode is used?


Yes, it is.
The data update timing at either the crest or trough or at both the crest and trough can be selected by setting the MD3~MD0 bit of timer mode register (TMDR).
Please refer to the section of MTU, “Complementary PWM Mode/Outline of Complementary PWM Mode Operation” of the hardware manual.
Suitable Products
SH7144, SH7145
SH7047, SH7049, SH7105, SH7107, SH7109
SH7046, SH7148, SH7101, SH7048, SH7104, SH7106, SH7108
SH7040, SH7041, SH7042, SH7043, SH7044, SH7045