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RX Family SCI Troubleshooting

Last Updated:07/04/2018


FAQs on using the SCI.


Check the following items according to the phenomenon. Refer to the chapter on Serial Communication Interface in User’s Manual: Hardware for the target SCI.
Summary of Problem Detail of Problem FAQ No
No communication signal output No signals output from the TXD terminal during the SCI communication (transmission)
After transmission interrupted by simplified I2C mode, transmission does not restart properly.  FAQNo:2000492
Unable to select the enable/disable setting for transmission or reception.  Unable to set the SCIx.TE bit/SCIx.RE bit to "1(Enabled)".   FAQNo:2000491
Unable to set the SCIx.TE bit/SCIx.RE bit to "0(Disabled)".   FAQNo:2000475
Omission of SCI transmission data byte After starting SCI communication, the 1st  byte or 2nd byte of transmission data is omitted (no output from the TXD terminal)  FAQNo:2000505
SCI transmission data is partly omitted  FAQNo:2000506
Unable to send the last byte data for transmission via DTC transfer  FAQNo:2000476
Interrupts are not generated SCI TXI interrupts are not generated  FAQNo:2000507
SCI RXI interrupts are not generated  FAQNo:2000508
Interrupts are generated at unintended timing TEI interrupts are generated at unintended timing  FAQNo:1000407
Unable to change the bit rate register dynamically Unable to change the bit rate registe(BRR) when trying to write the bit rate value dynamically  FAQNo:1010521
Unable to start communication for SCI FIT For SCI module Firmware Integration Technology (FIT), when using multiple channels, the channels set after the first one do not start communication.  FAQNo:2000509
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