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Is it possible CS+ V3.00.00 or a later version and CubeSuite+ coexist?

Latst Updated:06/14/2017


Is it possible for CS+ (formerly CubeSuite+) V3.00.00 or a later version and CubeSuite+ to coexist?


CubeSuite+ has been upgraded to CS+ so CubeSuite+ and CS+ cannot coexist as an installation environment on a PC.

However, the package-making function of CubeSuite+ enables storing the whole of CubeSuite+ (as for the compiler, only the single version used for that project can be stored).
The package-making function is activated from [Save Project and Development Tools as Package...] in the [Project] menu of CubeSuite+. Running CubeSuiteW+.exe in the package environment allows you to start CubeSuite+.

For details, see this information.

Suitable Products
CS+ (formerly CubeSuite+)